ERC Research Associate / Senior Research Associate
University of Bristol – School of Experimental Psychology

Currently recruiting!
If you are interested using neural networks to study human cognition and perception and have a background in modelling, please consider applying.
Deadline |  Monday 20th August 2018

Details and how to apply 

For enquiries please contact me at  J.Bowers[at]

Relevant papers include

Bowers, J. S. (2017). Parallel Distributed Processing Theory in the Age of Deep Networks. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12, 950-961.

Bowers, J. S., Vankov, I. I., Damian, M. F., & Davis, C. J. (2016). Why do some neurons in cortex respond to information in a selective manner? Insights from artificial neural networks. Cognition, 148, 47-63.

Bowers, J.S., & Davis, C.J. (in preparation).  Implementing symbolic processes in neural networks through myelin plasticity.