I thought I would try my hand at writing the occasional blog post where I will critique papers, take opinionated positions on various topics, discuss some of my own work, and so forth.

Reading and Literacy Instruction

29/3/2019 | A case for why both sides in the ‘reading wars’ debate are wrong – and a proposed solution. 
By: Jeffrey S. Bowers, School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol and
Peter N. Bowers, WordWorks Literacy Centre, Kinston, Ontario.

This is an article published in the Washington Post but thought I would post here as well. Comments Welcome!

13/7/2018 | There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that systematic phonics should precede morphological instruction: Response to Rastle and colleagues.

25/5/2018 | There is little evidence that systematic phonics is better than whole language and other common methods used in schools (and no, this is not evidence for whole language)

2/2/2018 | Educational neuroscience, phonics, and a more promising way to teach reading
Here I post a recent discussion I had with Scott Mills regarding educational neuroscience and reading instruction, topics that relate to Bowers (2016) and Bowers and Bowers (2017).

Cognitive Science

27/10/2017 | The persistent and unreasonable confusion regarding grandmother cells
My first post criticises a recent high-profile paper by Chang and Tsao (2017) that claims to falsify the grandmother cell hypothesis.  It only falsifies a straw-man hypothesis.

I welcome any and all responses!

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